About Syrox

Founded in 2009, Syrox’s mission has always been to provide outstanding value and service, using state-of-the-art technology, while continually improving our technical and human assets. It is through these methods that we are able to maintain an incredibly customer responsive experience that puts their needs first. We remove the stress from IT management, so our customers can focus on their core business



Client Portal

Our Platform is built to give you full control of your on-demand and physical resources through our easy to use, yet powerful Client Portal interface or an API.  The Syrox Platform gives you the ability to right size your technical needs to meet your current business objectives, all in a matter of hours to minutes.  Quickly deploy, augment or destroy compute and storage resources.

Syrox is committed to offering our clients premium services at an affordable price. We back that commitment with industry leading SLAs, made possible by leveraging enterprise grade brands for our Syrox Platform.

The brands used to build and maintain our Platform are well known organizations that share our commitment. Our Platform vendors don’t just offer the latest IT advancements, they also support those advancements. This helps take the guess work out of ensuring your deployment will work out of the box. Syrox vendor collaboration doesn’t end there;we continue to work with our vendors to internally certify all components to ensure they work not just as standalones, but within our entire Platform ecosystem.


When it comes to automation, Syrox means business. Here at Syrox, we have developed an advanced automation software suite to support not just virtual, but also our bare metal product line.

Benefits of Our Platform's Automation

  • Bare Metal & Virtual Machine provisioning

  • Network connection configuration

  • Operating System deployment

  • Selected software installation

With continuing advancements in automation, we are able keep our overhead costs low, while not sacrificing our commitment to you to deploy the servers you need, when you need them, and as fast as possible

  • Restful Web Services

  • JSON and/or XML data request formats

  • Optional Syrox Client Portal Java client API:

    • Wraps the Client Portal REST API

    • Smoother integration with other Java based programs

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